by Chiau-Shin NGO and Anthony WU




1) Fabian!
       What will you do?
       After attaining enlightenment
       being beaten by the realities of life
       just to pursue survival
 2) An orphan:
   trifled with
      by those in power
      failed to express

3) On the ume blossoms in bloom-:
    feeling the footsteps
 of our predecessors
 keeping to ourselves
 those who passed away for our       motherland 
    (Ume=Japanese plum)

4) In the southern land
  upon the news of snow falling
  the automobiles
    in a long snaking queue
  rush to the mountains



1)    Before crossing the Styx
       come back
       to this life
       coming to truly know                       
       the progress of medical science 

2)   In this life
      going around with the wind
      as the wind stops
      his life comes to the end
                              Kyoto (Japan)-1990


1)   The 228:
       thousands of elites suffered massacre  
       without the remains
       the assailants try to wipe out the history
       the students stand up to preserve the facts of the                   history
       * The 228 Incident:                                 
2)   Look at
      the road I have walked
      on the cloud
      as I have gone
      nothing remain



 1)  A dictator’s
  fraud and deception
      burst forth at last
      holding back their tears
      people could not weep with grief
 2) Dreaming
     to be held by the handsome man
 in his arms
 voted on paper for him
 only to become unemployed
 In Nagasaki (Japan)-1995



1) Quietly:
    a withered leaf
    going down a little creek

   2) Dusk has come:
       so long daytime
       being old


1) The patriot who has gone
     will not come back
      history tells us
 2) Not afraid of
      the calf



4 Tankas published in “The Tanka                        journal”No:45(2014-10-01)

1) Someday-
I believe
I shall awake again
I am now leaving
My sons, daughters, grandsons and                     granddaughters

2) Formosa-
Nero enjoys the arena in Taipei
fighters and wild beasts
students and police
sunflowers and mafias

3)Death is near
  feeling it certainly
       and realizing
       all things actually have nothing to do
       with me in reality
4)A flower of camelia
       how will the tomorrow of Formosa be?
       the people are ignorant
       only the youth are awake