by Chiau-Shin NGO and Anthony WU



1.  Yah! It’s you,
we met yesterday?
            isn’t it so
            you childhood friend
            got Alzheimer’s

2.  Dementia,
you remember me,
until the death
of you or me

3.  The unknown love
     would you like
to marry a nuclear plant?                          
it will never end
merely with a divorce

4.  With the help of a cane
chasing the setting sun
in the twilight of one’s life,
driving motorbike recklessly
chased you yesterday

5.  In recent days,
one has gone
another went away too
having perceived this world
I am going to set off on my journey too    

6.  Winter night,
sleeping on the screen
are the characters I am viewing
me nodded off
in my seat too     

7.  Death to be a patriot                                      
be alive to be a politician
the way of the world,
born to this world
only have to live

8.  Seasons are out of order
cherry and plum flowers
blossom side by side
behind the bright-color
hiding a piece of loneliness

9.  The love is true
yet, it may disappear,
the sensual feeling
is true certainly
but go away leaving not a trace

10.  Though the gift of
the nature
the food and sex are,
learn the morality
behave humanly